Grattan Street Press is a trade publisher based in Melbourne. A start-up press, we aim to publish a range of work, including contemporary literature, trade non-fiction, and to re-publish culturally valuable works that are out of print. The press is an initiative of the Publishing and Communications program in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne, and is staffed by graduate students, who receive hands-on experience of every aspect of the publication process.

The press is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to build long-term relationships within the Australian literary and publishing community. We also partner with community organisations in Melbourne and beyond to co-publish books that contribute to public knowledge and discussion.

Created to give voice to a stigmatised generation, the M Project is a place to celebrate the concerns, opinions and lives of our current young adults, aka millennials. This aim became even broader as we realised just how large this generation truly is. The eldest millennials, wise in the ways of floppy disks and landlines, are approaching their 40s, while the youngest are anywhere from 18-23, depending on who you ask.

With this in mind, we must consider the impact of having so many different stages and experiences of life encompassed by a singular generational tab. The word millennial denotes a level of similar contextual experience, influences and opinions that is largely unrealistic. Therefore, we encourage discussion and representation of all sides of millennial life – a generation that currently sits across both sides of young adulthood: the unpredictable, questioning 20s, and then the 30s where traditional milestones into adulthood are now occurring.

This year, as we continue to talk about the issues faced by millennials, we’d love to see more representation of older as well as younger millennials and also of the experiences of the millennials living outside our largest cities.

Because, despite the majority of Australian millennials living in or around capital cities, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 30% of Australia’s population outside these densely urban areas are aged 20-44.

We look forward to being surprised by your pitches and submissions, but, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some things we’ve been thinking about:

·  The exposure economy

·  Disposable living

·  Gender and gender fluidity

·  Underemployment

·  Rural vs Urban living

·  Overeducation

·  Avocados

·  Cancer

·  Mental health

·  #metoo

·  Environmental concerns

·  Changing internet communities

·  Failing social media

·  Job dissatisfaction

·  Having kids

·  Empty-nester parents

·  Online activism

·  Participation trophies

·  Multi-generational households

·  Gig economy

·  The sharing economy

·  Job insecurity

·  Polyamory

·  Sharehouse culture

·  Fur babies

·  Internet linguistics

·  Third culture kids

·  Constant contactability

·  Memes

·  Disruption


If you remember when the internet entered our lives, or getting your first participation trophy, we would love to hear from you: what you find inspiring, interesting, troubling, frustrating, thrilling.

Your piece must be between 500-2000 words.

Grattan Street Press accepts both non-fiction and fiction submissions for consideration.

If you have a pitch or just want to express your interest, email us

Grattan Street Press is seeking manuscripts for publication. We are keen to publish daring new works that are intelligent and engage with a wide audience. We are especially interested in works that have a distinctive voice and unique stories to tell. 

We are seeking both fiction and non-fiction of a wide variety including: short story collections, novellas, memoir, political and historical fiction. But if you have something brilliant hiding in your desk drawer that doesn’t fit that bracket, don’t let that deter you. Send it to us and see what happens.

In terms of nonfiction, we’re looking for well-written long-form work that explores contemporary social, political and cultural issues with insight and literary flair.

When submitting fiction, please include the following:

  • the first three chapters of your manuscript (or a maximum excerpt of 12,000 words)
  • a short summary of the complete work
  • a brief author CV

When submitting nonfiction, please include the following:

  • one draft chapter
  • a table of contents
  • a 500-word outline of the proposed work
  • a brief author CV

Thanks for your interest.

Note: Please send no more than two proposals. We’d love to read more of your work but we don’t have the staff right now.


The GSP blog focuses on the experiences of writers, editors, journalists and publishers starting out in the industry. We aim to help air the voices to young and emerging writers and editors and are interested in hearing your thoughts on writing woes, publishing trends, and all other aspects of the publishing and literary communities. 

Some topics that we hope to discuss on the blog could be:

  • Your experiences starting out as a writer or trying to get published for the first time
  • The future of the publishing industry and literary community
  • What inspires your writing and what hinders your writing
  • Literary firsts, milestones, game-changers
  • Publishing trends, like the rise of crossover fiction or changes in the reception of particular genres
  • Interviews with authors and industry professionals
  • Small press developments and activities
  • How technology is changing traditional writing, publishing and editing
  • How the internet has changed writing culture
  • Conscious/environmental printing of books
  • The culture of micro-presses and small publishing
  • Publishing and literary news

We also occasionally publish short works of fiction on the GSP blog.

Work for our blog should be approximately 500-2000 words. Please note: we are not currently accepting poetry submissions.
Feel free to contact us with a pitch idea or with any other questions at

Grattan Street Press